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Every Western company faces numerous challenges when it comes to translation into Chinese. Translation in these countries is expensive and it takes time, and Chinese translators often do not deliver the desired quality. Conditions and procedures also present difficulties frequently. We have created the best solution for you.

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European standards at Chinese prices. Whatever you need, such as texts, digital content, presentation or documents in Chinese, you are in good hands with us. We meet your requirements promptly and guarantee the highest confidentiality.

All our translators are certified by the Chinese Government.
  • Reliability through decades of experience
  • Translators from top 3 universities in China
  • Managed by experts from Austria and China
  • Contact persons in Austria and China

Treat yourself with flexible and fast comfort

No more writing back and forth emails about comments and remarks, no confusion with current versions. Simply put the documents in our private cloud.

Available Languages

We have a wide pool of professional translators. Currently, we offer the translation of the main European and East Asian languages into Chinese, we are also constantly expanding our translation services.


Both in Europe and in Asia

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some of our team members

Yiquan Chen, MA

Coordinating translators, revising texts, managing the team, and recruiting new competent staff as well. She is responsible for delivering our services to a high standard.

Fengya Ma, MA

Holding a Master's degree in Arabic from the University of International Business and Economics. She has been working as a freelance translator for China Translation Corporation on UN documents for 10 years.

Felix Rudi Hirschfeld, MBA MSc.

Leading several educational institutions in China and Austria, he forms cooperations with universities, organisations and is in charge of operations on the Chinese market.

Mag. Christopher Semmler

Responsible for Business Development on the European market, IT infrastructure and Digital Marketing for Aolan. With 10 years of experience in connecting Europe and China, he establishes new cooperations.

Years of experience

Modern solutions

We offer cost-effective and efficient services

Private Cloud

Your files are in our cloud and if you have any questions, you can contact us via live chat or VoIP – easily in your browser.

Clients and Industries

UN, international corporations, design studios or engineers – we are familiar with many topics and can call on experts if necessary.

Simple Payments

No prepayment, no deposit, no complicated methods. We deliver, you pay as you are used to do. WeChat Pay, PayPal or wire transfer.

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