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An overview of our services

Whatever you need to be translated to Chinese, even subject-specific material.


Legal texts often require a more elaborate discussion.


The choice of words plays an important role in presenting your company or product.

Certificates and Official Documents

Diplomas, commercial register reports or land register - authorities require clear terminology.


Texts must be created to be appealing and attractive in order to catch your client's interest.

Technical Documentation

For documentation or construction plans we have specialised experts available.


If you want to patent your product in China, standards must be followed.

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Digital Services

For being recognised in the digital world and expanding your markets.

Your Website or Social Media Pages

If you want to be found by Chinese clients or customers, a Chinese version is nearly mandatory.

Products in your Webshop

Evidence shows - customers prefer to shop in their native language. We help you with your product description.

Setting Up your Taobao Shop

If you have made the move to China, we are also happy to assist you with advanced services.

Our Prices

Transparent Pricing

Prices per A4 page are not very meaningful, but offer you a guideline. We charge per standard lines.

Regular Translation


A4 page for regular documents, actual price depending on standard lines

Simple contracts, presentations, documents, texts on websites
* Approximation and minimum order

Premium Service


A4 page for special documents, actual price depending on standard lines​

Behördliche Dokumente, Urkunden, Zertifikate, Ausbildungsnachweise
* Approximation and minimum order

Hint: A standard line consists of 55 characters including spaces. Per standard line we charge between 1.70 and 2.50 Euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to have a price calculation method understandable for both clients and service providers a standard was introduced. Font size 12, Times New Roman.

Depending on font type you should calculate with 650 to 750 words, so about 3,800 to 4,200 characters.

Open your document in Word, Writer or Google docs and check for the word count including spaces.

Divide this number by 55 and multiply with our rates per line.

We have a transparency policy and it helps to meet the interestes of both the client and the service provider. If calculating by different methods, there could be a large range of variation in the pricing.

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