Our procedure

  • Easy online booking
  • Certified Translators
  • Simplified communication
  • Convenient payment options

Secure Environment for Sensitive Data

We rely on modern and secure infrastructure for having your documents available in Chinese as quickly as possible. Submit an excerpt to us, we will provide you with a translation of the sample. If you are satisfied with it, upload your files to our cloud.

Our Quality Guarantee

Cost Efficiency

We like to make our clients satisfied so that they return and continue working with us.


You can easily reach out to us. Flexibly and conveniently we are happy to answer.


We deliver on time even when the schedules are tight. Your success is our gain.


Several staff members work simultaneously - time is money.


For more elaborate and longer tasks, we keep you posted.


We address the pricing beforehand, no sudden surprises.

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We follow work ethics by keeping your data confidential. Our translators are bound not to disclose any information.


Communication with us is not run by third party services, so it cannot be intercepted easily.


Our infrastructure is protected against unauthorised access by third parties, also China. Data compliance is a basic rule.


Your data never leaves our servers, even our translators directly work on your files on the servers.

Your data is secured

For our Cloud Infrastructure we use Nextcloud. Thus your data is protected against unauthorised access. Know more?

How the translation works



You visit our website

You look around on our website and choose the right offer for you. If you have questions, you can contact us directly.


We answer your questions

You go to our contact page and write us a message or comfortably reach out via WhatsApp, WeChat or another messenger. We are also happy to answer your questions by phone.


You send us a sample

To help us better understand what type of text it is, it can be helpful to send us a sample. 300 words are usually sufficient for us to assess the required level of the text.


We deliver the translated sample within 60min

You maybe want to assess our competence. That’s why we will provide you with the translated sample within the next hour. Maybe we also have some questions about the text and then would contact you.



You accept our offer

Once you decided to go with our services we will assign a translator entrusted with your text. Depending on the type of text we select certain members of our team.


You get access to our cloud

You will receive a link to a folder where you can conveniently store your files. This keeps the data consistent and our translators work directly with it. You will receive a message confirming receipt.


Translation and vevision

The translation will be done immediately and within the shortest possible time. After that, your translated document will go into the hands of our revision to fine-tune or correct mistakes.


End control and payment

You will receive your document directly in your cloud folder or sent to you on request. Together with your documents you will receive your invoice and can do the payment.


We will keep your documents stored and you can download them again at any time. If you request further changes we can easily access your files.

Get your translation now

Contact us, upload a sample and check the quality and speed of our services.