About Aolan Lingua

Our vision. Our mission. Our statement. Language breaks down barriers and connects cultures.

Educational Institute and Hub for Europe

In addition to leadership and public speaking, the examination and study center also teaches information technology and Euro-Asian communication.

Consulting and international services

Aolan acts as an ambassador for cultural exchange. Language is used to overcome borders and build bridges. In the academic field, knowledge and culture exchange takes place.

Unser Selbstverständnis

Aolan Lingua was founded out of an actual need, as we frequently had to have presentations or contracts translated into Chinese as part of our consulting services. China follows a high speed pace, delay may entail consequences. So we searched for the best options and want to pass that on to our clients.


Management Team

Aolan Lingua is being managed by experts in their respective field

Yiquan Chen, MA

Co-Founder and Head of Translation

University of Technology Wuhan (English Literature)
University of International Business and Economics Beijing (Business English)

She has more than 11 years of experience working with the UN, the IAEA or international corporations. Occupied as a translator, interpreter, team leader and auditor. She is responsible for the linguistic quality.

Felix Rudi Hirschfeld, MBA MSc.

Co-Founder and China Operations

Head of several educational institutes in Austria and China with international student exchange. His duties include building cooperations with universities and lecturing there to introduce Austria and the German language.

Mag. Christopher Semmler

Co-Founder and Business Development

Vienna University of Economics and Business (Corporate Finance, Information Systems)

Responsible for business development in the European market, digital marketing and design of the IT architecture and the framework. With over 10 years of experience in the Chinese market, he is well versed in intercultural needs.

Why Aolan Lingua is simpler, more flexible and better


premium translation

What makes us different

By interlinking three disciplines Aloan Lingua has formed a cooperation that creates structures for clients to expect reliable and consistent quality. The use of state-of-the-art information systems and software allows us to significantly reduce processing time and effort. This is reflected in internal costs and we would like to pass on this increase in efficiency to our customers. In addition to an IT-based quality control, the internal processes still include expert revision in order to provide a final product with the necessary finishing touches.

how everything started

Behind Aolan Lingua there are three success stories which ultimately met at a point where there is a particular demand of clients to experience significantly improved quality of service.

How Aolan Lingua Developed

The eHirschAcademy marks the foundation of Aolan and was founded in 2004. It is characterised by European quality standards in its various course programmes in all major international languages. By cooperating with excellent universities, this standard has been further consolidated.

The result was AuLanJiaoYu, the first Austrian Academy in central China. Experience with foreign-language studies abroad increasingly led to the realisation that the portfolio should be extended to include translation. Visa services for students on the one hand, and the ongoing need for presentations clearly showed the need.

Decades of Experience

In addition to her work as a translator for the United Nations Documents Division, Yiquan Chen was responsible for revision and team leadership. From several UN agencies there was constant inflow of a variety of documents; reports or diplomatic documents were only part of it. Scientific publications or even commercial conferences cover her portfolio. This has allowed her to form a network of experts and meet highest standards in order to guarantee excellent quality for our clients.

Our Mission Statement

We provide services which satisfy our customers. Good translation does not just put words together, it conveys meaning.


We operate in two time zones over 8000km apart. Thus, we cover more processing time.


State-of-the-art technology is not an option but a must. Our time is your money.


The selection process for our translators is based on international standards.

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